Final things!

Dear Parents,

A few final things to say before we, or rather some of us, part company for a while.

Firstly it has been a pleasure to spend (most of) the school year with you, but especially your children. I feel very cheated in not being able to take them fully to the end of year 2. I hope you feel we have managed the best job we could and I am happy to be able to move into Year 2/3 with some of the class. I would have taken them all if it was allowed!!

Thank you also for the lovely gifts and best wishes – you are so kind and thoughtful and I am very grateful.

A few administrative things…

I have made an end of year movie which I hope is working! I am popping in to school later today so I may need to tweak and repost – it is only able to be viewed from the google classroom due to privacy permissions. I will not be posting the video on the blog.

Also the Google Classroom will be closing soon and you will only have access to the Holiday classroom. You will find the transition videos here from your child’s next teacher as well as the maths meetings and some of the stories I have recorded. I will leave those there in case you want to use them over the summer. If you were to keep up with the maths meetings during the holiday, this will have a great positive impact on your child’s maths and fluency skills as they move in to year 3. Trust me! It will make a difference – especially if you can squeeze them in daily or even just three times a week.

Anyway, I hope to see you all soon and I wish you all a wonderful summer.

Take care and thank you again. Your children are wonderful and it has been a pleasure to share them with you this year.

Ms Marsh x



Last week….

Here is the last timetable of suggested activities.

Children will be completing transition activities and maths and english work on their days in school.

There are suggestions on the timetable for more ‘relaxed’ activities as well as some activities with more structure depending on what works for you.

Looking forward to seeing you this week.

Ms Marsh

13th July weekly plan Y2


After some issues with the blog – it appears to be sorted now.

Here are the photos for this week that you have sent. As always fantastic work Year 2!


Here are the lovely winners from this week – a special Parent award for the effort it took to make the amazing video.

Thank you so much for that

Learning for this week

Hello Year 2!

It will be wonderful to see some of you this week in school again!

If you are not making it to school then I will be in touch this week either on Wednesday or Thursday.

Here is the learning for this week.

6th July weekly plan Y2

Maths sheets – Week 1 6th July maths

It is different again as we are following some of the timetable and activities in school. Maths and English will follow the timetable for the days your child is in school in their bubble. Children in the Critical Worker
provision may be completing different lessons due to the range of year groups now in those bubbles.
If you child attends on Thursday and Friday they will need to have completed the Monday and
Tuesday lessons if possible. We will be completing the kindness project in school and the Great Fire
of London work. I will keep you updated if we cover anything else from this timetable! Wednesdays
are now free choice (WACKY WEDNESDAY) Some suggestions are included on the timetable.

English is continuing the Odyssey and maths is something new – sheets are attached above also. Just complete the sheets for each day – see timetable for information.

We will be doing the Great fire of London today live in our bubble and the seaside history work. We are completing the RE work on Tuesday.

Remember to send in your photos! I am posting any photos I have been sent already later this week so there is still time to send any in to me today and tomorrow.

See you later!!

Ms Marsh 🙂