Computing and Science

We combined our learning about Autumn with computing this week and compared our colour mixing.

We went on a lovely Autumn walk on Monday searching out the signs of Autumn. We collected various Autumn treasures, mostly leaves! We studied the leaves carefully and recreated the colours back in class.

In computing we used a drawing package to recreate the leaves again – colours and shapes. We are going to compare them next week and decide which media was the most effective for this task.

Here’s a sneak peek…..

Maths investigation

Today we had a bit of a challenge and had to work out the answer to a puzzle.

The 6 ladybirds needed to be organised in to the 9 boxes so that each row and column had 2 ladybirds in it.

Some of us explored this problem systematically and some people explored moving the ladybirds around.

Here is the link if you would like to try it at home


Chopsticks = learning?

We had a different lesson today – learning how to use chopsticks!

It is part of our metacognition lessons where we learn about how we learn new skills. This helps us understand how our brain thinks and learns so we can help our learning in all areas.

Today was the first attempt with chopsticks….. I wonder how we will all learn in the next few weeks?

Lots of concentration and smiles today!


What makes a family?

Our RE followed on from our ‘What makes a home?’ big question to ‘What makes a family?’

We had a fantastic discussion about families and all of the things that a happy family needed and all of the different ways this could look for any of us. We decided it wasn’t necessarily a set of people but the feelings and how we treat each other that makes a family.

Following on from the scripture we used as our discussion, we then changed the words to head, shoulders, knees and toes to make our own version to remind us what God wants us to show to everyone in His family.

It was a lively lesson and we enjoyed composing the new song words based on the scripture we read. We also came up with a rules/guide to what makes a happy family – whether that’s your family at home, school or God’s family.



Special Delivery!

We had a strange parcel arrive yesterday in class from …. The Zoo!

It was our introduction to drama although for a short while the children did seem to think there was an animal in the box…… more to do with Mrs Wright and I and our acting skills.

It was a great stimulus to develop our questioning skills and really consider what our writing needed to include as well as inspire some great ideas.

The children then used drama to be the different animals they were describing and asking about. 

Greater than and less than

Within our maths this week we are exploring place value and how we compare numbers. We have been using the language of greater than and less than and have explored what this means practically before we have began to use the symbols < >

We don’t use the term crocodiles anymore as it has no relation to the concept! The children investigated the classroom equipment and compared themselves to develop their understanding of the concept.

Grove Tennis Club taster session

We had a fantastic time at Grove Tennis Club on Tuesday afternoon and the weather was perfect!

Alex and Alistair were great coaches for the afternoon and we had a chance to experience a few skills necessary for tennis.

The class really threw themselves in to it and enjoyed the lesson.

What a busy week!

There has been a lot going on with us in Year 2 and there is still more to come!

I am looking forward to seeing you on Monday or Thursday evening – if you don’t have an appointment please arrange this at the school office.

Many thanks


Dear Parents,

This week we are completing some initial reading assessments to support what books your child brings home. We are therefore not hearing the children read their home school book but they will be sent home with new books this week.

A reading day timetable will be sent home also so you know when to send your child’s books back to school to be changed.