Homework 12 4 17

Firstly, happy Easter to all, and I hope you enjoy our lovely long holiday.

The children have brought home a good selection of things so do but please do not feel as if it must all be done. However I know that some children will be looking for challenges and many parents have requested some extra work. Ms Locke, Mrs Dalton and I have sent out the mini English and Maths workbooks to all the Y2’s. The booklets contain a good range across the curriculum and the children will recognise the points of learning. I have spoken to them about tackling any parts we have not done in Maths yet such as graphs and telling the time, suggesting that they could ask for help at home but not to worry and to leave it if it’s causing a problem. I’ve reminded them that in the Maths SATS they cannot use any counters etc and it might be a good time to practise this. This week we went over methods for addition and subtraction where we drew a stick to represent each 10 and dots to represent 1’s. We crossed out to subtract and totalled 10’s and 1’s to add. Sometimes we had to ‘exchange 10 of the 1’s for a stick of 10, e.g. in 39 + 47. The children can use any jottings they need to to work out the additions and subtractions.

There are some extra sheets on + and – word problems. Some children have brought home a reading comprehension booklet and it would be really good if mum or dad could look at this with them and really think about the answers to the questions. The children do not have to write the answers – this could be spoken work but composing written sentences would certainly help them focus on what they mean.

Some children have brought their handwriting packs home and it would again be good if they could show you their work so far and do some more in the booklets.

All children have spellings to do as usual.

Thank – you for your support at this time with homework. Do take time to enjoy the holiday too of course! Thank – you for the gifts, cards and good wishes I received today.



We had fun yesterday at the Easter bonnet parade. Well done everyone for your fantastic art and craft.

Red Nose Day in Y2


Thank you to everyone for their generosity to CAFOD and Comic Relief today.

The children enjoyed hearing from our CAFOD speaker how our donations make a difference to real people in need in our world.

Y2 Class Assembly for St Patrick’s Day

First of all a huge thank – you to all the mums and dads who sent in costumes for the play. The children looked fantastic and they really enjoyed it too. Well done to all the readers, dancers, singers and actors who took part. It is always lovely to see the children’s confidence increase, and the assembly has certainly helped to do that. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all. Have a great weekend.

Great narrators!

St Patrick and friends!

Fearsome pirates?

Dancing sheep!

Science Week in Y2

Collecting observations by the pond

What a sunny afternoon!

By the field.

What is growing?

During science Week in Y2 we went out and gathered information about living things in our pond and field habitats and we have considered why certain plants and animals live in some habitats but not in others. We are going to draw this together with some thinking about the scientist Charles Darwin and the way in which he kept his study notebooks as he travelled around the world, and the great discoveries this led him to make.

Thank – you to Zuzanna’s and to Emily R’s mums for giving us an excellent afternoon on Friday. We learnt about caring for animals as Zuzanna’s mum is a vet. We were visited by Pepsi the dog and some sweet little guinea pigs too!

We learnt about radiography as this is ¬†Emily’s mum’s job. We carried out a really interesting experiment with light sensitive paper to see how images can be created. Which objects did we use to make our shapes?


Health and Hygiene with Florence Nightingale

On 9th March we really enjoyed our day at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet finding out about health and hygiene at the time of Florence Nightingale. We heard all about Florence’s inspirations and achievements and we acted out going with her to the Crimean War. Once there, we were either wounded soldiers or nurses.

It was a beautifully sunny day which added to the enjoyment for all. Well done to the children for asking great questions to help the learning, and thanks to all who helped!

The story of the injured dog.

Making lavender bags.

What should Florence take to the Crimean War?

Off to the Crimean War!

A wounded soldier.

More wounded soldiers!


What’s wrong with this soldier?


100 square to use with Maths homework this week



Click the link to find a 100 square to help with this week’s Maths homework.

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