Homework 12 1 18

Today all the children will bring home their Read Write Spell homework. Please can this be done in the big red books and returned next Friday.

Our ‘Maths with Parents’ activity this week is telling the time. We have practised at school telling the time to at least the quarter hour. Some children have begun to master telling the time to 5 minutes. Please do the activity on the website as it makes a real difference to the children’s learning to practise skills at home.

You will receive a full Half Termly Newsletter with information about homework etc. at the beginning of next week.


Exploring seasonal change

Today Year 2 went out to look at their class tree. We were learning about deciduous and evergreen trees. We thought about why deciduous trees lose their leaves in winter. We found lots of different leaves that had fallen from various trees around our school field. Next week we will try sorting the leaves scientifically.

Infant Nativity Ticket Request

Every child should have brought home a ticket request slip today (Tuesday 5th) however since I have found some dropped on the corridor floor, the slips may not have made it home. Please request another slip if this is the case! Thank – you.

No Prayer Service 5 12 17

Due to circumstances there will not be a prayer service at the end of the day today Tuesday 5 12 17 in Y2. No parents have signed up to attend this service so hopefully no one will be inconvenienced. Apologies if you were hoping to attend.

Y2 Advent Prayer Services

As part of our preparation in Advent we will be holding simple Advent services in our classroom at the end of the day. We would love to have you join us at 3pm.
Mrs Clack has a sign up sheet in the office for our class. Our services will be held on :

Tuesday 5th
Wednesday 6th
Thursday 7th
Tuesday 12th
Wednesday 13th
Thursday 14th
Monday 18th
Wednesday 20th
There will be spaces for 5 parents at each slot.
We have sent a prayer format home for you to write a simple prayer with your child.
This should be a very simple child led short prayer for us to share in our services. If you could write it down on the sheet provided and bring it in to school as soon as you have done it that would be wonderful. Thank you for all those that have been returned.
Looking forward to seeing you at our exhibition on Monday in the hall.  Many thanks.

Thank – you Everyone!

Thank you for all the hard work that you put into the topic homework about The Great Fire of London.  The exhibition last Monday looked fantastic! Thank you to everyone who came along.

Topic Homework for 17 11 17

Topic Homework –

Our History topic will be running into this half term. The children have already done some excellent and enjoyable learning connected with the topic.

As a homework project:

The children can either make a model of a house built before the Great Fire of London, or they can make a portrait of Samuel Pepys and gather 5 facts about him and his time during the Great Fire of London.

This homework is due by Friday 17th November.

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