Nativity Costumes

This is a list of what will be needed costume wise for our Nativity play.

I think I have covered everything. Any problems, just ask.

This is being published on the Y2 Class Blog, but if you could tell Y1/2 and Y2/3/ parents of Y2’s to look here I would be grateful. I will contact the other teachers to ask them to put this on their blog too.

Someone has already offered an angel costume for a taller girl, so there is potentially stuff to borrow in our school community and I know in the past people have been very kind in lending things, so if you are stuck for anything, the sooner you tell Ms. Devitt/ other parents, the sooner we can sort it.

If you have anything you think may be helpful please bring it in, e.g. this play calls for 4 Roman soldiers. If you have such a dressing up costume at home then please could we borrow it? Many thanks!

Innkeepers wife – school will provide

Mary – school will provide

Narrators – please can you bring your own smart clothes

Donkey – please can you bring grey or brown or black trousers and top. School can make ears and a tail unless you would really like to make them.

Shepherds – school will provide the clothes – please can you bring a pair of sunglasses.

Angels – please could you bring a white/light coloured dress and a ring of tinsel for the head

3 Kings – school will provide.

3 Kings servants – white shirt/top, black or dark trousers. A waistcoat (we can lend you a waistcoat if needed)

Joseph – school will provide

Roman soldiers – Please could you bring your own costume? Please let us know at school if you are totally stuck. We have put out the call to borrow all we can. Swords and helmets are allowed.

Star – White or bright clothes. Anything shiny.


Nativity Costumes

Apologies for the fact that you do not yet have details of what your child may need to bring to wear for our Nativity play. I have tried to print off letters but technology is against me and they must all be jammed somewhere in cyberspace. Microsoft Word and our photocopier seem to be in conspiracy! I will put together a list and publish it on the blog asap, just in case you need to know this weekend, as I am aware that time is slipping away at this very busy and exciting time of year!

The good thing is that the children did an amazing first rehearsal and really gave the play life yesterday. Keep on learning the script and we will be in for a charming and entertaining trip to Bethlehem in a couple of weeks : )

Spelling Homework in Y2

Sorry for the wrong date on last time’s Read Write Spell homework! Still, the children knew what I meant and brought the homework today even though it was mistakenly dated 4 12 15. They will be bringing new homework today dated correctly.

Any children still following our Read Write Inc Scheme will all receive spelling homework from Mrs. Marsh/ Mrs. Green relevant to their RWI work. They will no longer get spellings from Mrs. Heaton.

There are some links to Maths activities in a previous post on the blog. Can the children please spend some time practising number bonds? These need to be automatic and recalled instantly in Y2. Thank – you.

Maths Homework Y2 Friday 27th November

This week we are having a real focus on number bonds to 10. Practise your skills and knowledge on this game and see how many you can remember off by heart!

If the link is inactive go to, select numeracy, select addition then find save the whale version 2 game. If your child becomes proficient with this you can select different bonds at the top of the page with the arrows, but no higher than 10. Number bonds are a fundamental skill so any practice will help. Y2 need to be practising as many different number bonds as possible with the aim of these calculations being mental recall.

RE Liturgy to celebrate ‘Promises’ Topic

We have concluded our topic about Baptism. Thank – you for all the lovely photos and artefacts you sent in to enhance the learning and the links between home, school and parish. We celebrated our topic on Monday with a prayerful and joyful liturgy to thank God for our faith and to make new promises to be the best that we can be in God’s family.

Science Workshop about Plants

Y2 enjoyed their Science workshop this afternoon. We learnt all about the needs of plants and how they try to get the most light, water, air and insect attention they can to survive and grow. We learnt about why different coloured flowers grow at different times of the year (because of the strength or weakness of the sunlight.) We finished off by making sherbet! This was to explore acids and alkalis but of course it was also nice to have a little taste : )

All in all, a fun and happy afternoon of very varied activity which we can return to in our classroom Science lessons in the future!

Sponsored Walk

KS1 completed 5 laps of the Infant and Junoir yards this morning, and all before the wind and rain arrived! Well done everyone. The atmosphere was happy and chatty and hopefully we have raised lots for our cause. Many thanks to all.

Sponsored Walk Next Tuesday 17th November

Next Tuesday we have our sponsored walk for the school defibrillator fund. Key Stage One will be walking around the school grounds. Please could you send your child’s wellingtons in on that day in a plastic carrier bag because we would like to try to walk on the field but of course it will be muddy. Thank – you.

No Spelling Homework This Week

We are having a week’s break from our usual spelling programme next week, so there is no spelling homework coming home today. The children will bring home their books next Friday (20th November) with homework once again.

Many thanks for all the hard work that goes on at home with the spellings. It makes a real difference to the children’s learning at school and everyone has taken the spelling on board positively and engaged with it.

All about the wars

Today in our History lesson we shared stories from our families about their times during the two world wars. Thank – you to all who have sent in some very interesting artefacts. It made a very good interactive ‘show and tell’ session!20151112_155644 20151112_155751 20151112_15555320151112_155932