Maths – sorting

We were set a challenge to sort a selection of buttons but given no criteria. Cue lots of discussion around why certain buttons could be grouped together and why not; explanations why buttons had been sorted in the variety of ways and lots of observation of properties.

Also squeezing in a bit more practise with small number calculations, this time addition using 2 dice. Why is 1 not on the answer board?

Back to sorting!

Skipping school

Chris came in last week to teach us some techniques for skipping. It was very energetic and we had a lot of fun skipping individually with our own rope and taking turns with the long rope.

Action shots are difficult to capture……

Then to today, using our class set of ropes and skipping in the autumn sunshine!

The best day in Year 2 ….. so far

Well, what a day! Many thanks to the adults who were able to help (school and parents) – we couldn’t go on these visits with out the extra help.

So everyone should sleep tonight – it has been a busy day! The children have decided it was the best day in Year 2 .. so far –  so I need to really think about our summer visit.

Here are the photos from the day. I think they speak for themselves…. It has been a pleasure to take the class out on a beautiful Autumn day and I am very proud of them all. We had a blast.

Ready and waiting….

Phase one – pizza base

Phase two – Passata. How many tomatoes do you think are squeezed in this tin?

147! It was pretty heavy.

Swirl it round and tap.

Then we used a spoon to finish it off.

Phase 3 – mozzarella….. and some creative designing.

Ready for the oven! That’s a lot of pizza.

While we were waiting, a quiz…

Something smells good…. oh it’s the pizza!


Certificates and pizza – time to enjoy the eating! It suddenly turned quiet…

Back to school…… then later…..

Pizza feast outside in the sunshine. What’s not to like?


Pizza Express

I think everyone is looking forward to our visit tomorrow!

Just to remind everyone if all children could be at school for as close to 8.30 am as possible so we can leave for 8.40 ish. You would be surprised how long it takes to register, high-vis vest and toilet 30 excitable 6 year olds!

If you are late just call the school office. We may have left but can always meet you en route – no one will be left behind. Anyone at breakfast club will be collected from there by me.

School uniform as normal and suitable coats for the weather please.

It came to light today that not everyone likes cheese and tomato pizza. If your child is upset at the prospect of having to make or eat a pizza, please let me know. It will be extremely busy in the morning but a quick word will help. It will be up to the children if they want to eat their pizza and school lunch will be ordered as normal.

I am looking forward to our visit as much as the class!


I am certain that the children will have spoken about our Spanish lessons with Mr Myers. If not here a a few photos from today. The class love acting out their story in Spanish about Hocus. They are able to join in with words and some phrases already and have a great idea about the translation.


We have been finding out about the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. First though – what do we already know? This was what the children thought before any teaching.

Then after some teaching and making connections they sorted the facts again – lots of recall of what they had learned and also some elimination – ‘Birmingham isn’t a capital city and I know it is in England’

We also began to look at the weather more closely. We used the digital anemometer to measure the wind speed before playtime – just to check it was safe 🙂


Maths this week

Maths this week has focused on addition facts, and later this week, subtraction facts. It is really important that we have fluency and instant recall of these facts – for example knowing what 7+2, 4+5, 6+1 is equal too, without counting on fingers. We have played some dice games and practiced these mental calculations as well as reasoning why some numbers would not be on the chart (0 and 1).

We also took on a domino challenge. The children were given 4 dominoes and tasked with arranging them in a square so that each side would have the same total. It was a real example of showing resilience and perseverance, to keep trying to arrange the dominoes to find a solution. Lots of mental calculations going on and mathematical reasoning.

And some children found the solution! Super proud of the whole class.


Just to share a few more moments….

A few of the children loving reading in the new reading area.

Still a little revamping to do, the furniture has arrived now!

Loving their enjoyment, relaxed reading and sharing books!

Empty 2 litre bottles please

Dear Parents,

If you have any empty 2 litre bottles could you please send them in to school as we are making bug homes. If you could remove the labels that would be a huge help!

Also if anyone has any pieces of unwanted hosepipe lying around – some of that would be great too.

Many thanks

Book reviews

In the new reading area, I have made some comments on ‘My Favourite 5’ books (currently) and the children have been excited to do the same. I have loved reading some of them today….. feels like working in a book shop!