Learning for this week…

Here is the timetable for this week. We are starting a new text this week – The Odyssey. This is a children’s retelling.

29th June weekly plan Y2

The story from the Google Meet will be in the Google Classroom later today. Thinking about the questions I asked you after we read the story, it would be good to look at the pictures and look at Mole and what emotions he is feeling. There are not many words that describe his feelings in the story but the pictures show his expressions and his body language.

I have recorded a new maths meeting and that will be on the Google Classroom later today. Remember full sentence answers!


Google Meet this week

Hi there,

This is the last week of our Google Meets as some of you will be returning to school next week!

I will be changing the groups around this week so look out for the email with the time slot and they will be on Tuesday – so tomorrow!

We are going to play ‘Who wants to be a millionaire – recalling all our year 2 knowledge edition’ 🙂

You will need 4 cards/pieces of paper (an A4 sheet cut in to 4 will be perfect, or 4 old envelopes etc). These cards will be your answer cards – so you will need to write A on one, then B on another, C on one and D on the last. You will hold these up to show what answer you think is correct.

How much do you think you can remember? 🙂

Photos for this week

Look at this amazing learning that is going on at home! Well done as always Year 2 – super proud!

Frog spotting – can you see it?

I love these jottings from the maths meeting!

Mapping the local area…

Fantastic writing here and look at the stable you built!

I love this artwork – it is so bright and bold.

Spot the mistake….

Sooooo, no one has mentioned this yet…….

Have you spotted the mistake in the maths meeting video? I am certain that you can find it and I will even give you a clue!

Once you have found it send me a comment privately in Google classroom (so no one else can see your answer, just you and I) or ask your grown up to email me on the class email.

I know you will find it – your clue is ‘ I have made a mistake in one of the shape facts’

Happy hunting!!!! 🙂

Google Classroom

Just to let everyone know there are some recorded lessons in the Google classroom and a new story video.

If you have not been able to log in to the Google Classroom or are having difficulties there is a guide available on the blog that may help. The link is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Iowi-gmbys&feature=youtu.be

If you look on the main school web page and look in the Covid tab there are guides for google classroom and google meet.

If you are still experiencing difficulties let me know via the class email and I will see if I can help.

Ms Marsh 🙂

Learning this week

Hello all!

I hope you are all well. I am very excited about seeing you again this week on Google Meet and read our story.

I am going to add a bonus story in to the Google Classroom. It was a something we’ve read before and I hope you try to join in. Let me know if your tongue gets twisted!

Here are the lessons for this week below in the link. We are working on a bit of grammar and finishing the Firework Makers Daughter this week – ready for the Odyssey next week!

Maths is starting a new topic and it is revision of what we have already covered but building on this also with some new learning in some places.

I have also added a short maths meeting in the Google Classroom (it’s about 11 minutes long – probably long enough for grown ups to drink a cuppa in peace!). This is best practised every day and I will post a new one next week with different calculations on. Remember full sentence answers and answer all of the questions and join in!

22nd June weekly plan Y2

Missing link


It appears the link to the Pim story is unavailable through the timetable hyperlink so I have now set it as a task in Google Classroom.

The story is available to view and the questions are there also. Log in with your child’s details and select our classroom then either click the link in the stream or go to the classwork tab.

Please let me know of you are not able to log in to Google classroom.

It was so lovely to see so many of you yesterday on our GMeet chats!

Looking forward to next week’s story. 🙂