Homework Friday 9th October 2020

Spelling – Your child should have brought home their spelling journal (or a sheet) with the words for this week. If not our spellings can be found on the main blog page.

Maths – Maths with parents has activities set. Year 2 are Finch Year 2 aIf you have completed this then spend some time on Numbots.

CGP – booklets

Page 2 nouns, page 6 adjectives

Homework Tuesday 3rd March

Dear Parents,

Homework is resuming this week after having the half term holiday break.

The spelling format is different for this term and the children will be sent home with a booklet of spellings to practise in a Look, Cover, Check Write format and then an activity to use these spellings in context by recording sentences. This week we will be focusing on the first page and booklets will be sent home on Tuesday with the children. Please ensure these booklets are returned to school for Tuesday 10th March.

Reading is as per usual.

Maths with Parents is set. Some children may have asked to go on Numbots – we are still trialing this but hope it will be rolled out officially soon and a letter will be sent to you. It is the TTRS login which all children have brought home. Also children are able to log in to TTRS (we also subscribe to the APP) and this is already set at the appropriate level.

CGP Grammar book pages 36 and 37.

Homework Tuesday 28th January

Spellings are – cried, dried, hurried, copied, replied, studied, married, fried, multiplied, carried.

Reading is as per usual.

Maths with parents is set. The children will also be bringing home some information soon about a new maths program we are going to trial. It is from the people behind Times Table Rockstars but aimed at Key Stage 1 children.

Grammar book is pages 34 & 35.

Homework Tuesday 21st January

Spellings are – painted, hunted, patted, dropped, slipped, chopped, spotted, clapped, hummed, jumped

Reading is as per usual from the newsletter

Maths with Parents is set – revision of bonds to 20

Grammar book is pages 32 & 33 ing and ed endings

Homework Wednesday 20th November 

Many apologies for the issues with the blog. It is being looked in to.

There is an error on the sheet and wren is written twice. One of these should be wreck. Spellings are ‘wr’ spelling (grapheme) for ‘r’ sound (phoneme). We refer to ‘wr’ as special friends that make the sound. Words – wrap, wreck, wreath, wrong, wriggle, wrist, wrote, write, wring, wren

Reading is as per usual. In order for children to develop fluency it is important for them to read the same text over and over in order to become familiar with it so they can read fluently. If your child is working on developing fluency then reading daily, even in short bursts, will have an impact on their reading and comprehension as well as confidence.

Maths – Maths with Parents and Hit the button. Times tables rockstars log ins will be given soon and I will give further information regards that in due course.

CGP Grammar book is page 3 noun phrases

Homework 12th November – please return books next Tuesday. They will be returned on Wednesday.

Reading is as per usual.

Maths with Parents is number bonds that equal 10. Also please keep practising the hit the button work. Times table rock stars log ins will be coming home soon.

Spelling words are  – beautiful, father, sure, sugar, eye, clothes, busy, water,  half, money

CGP Grammar – page 8 and 13 only please.

Homework 4th November 

Reading is as usual.

Maths with Parents is not set – please feel free to repeat any videos and activities. The homework this week for maths is still Hit the button. The focus is still fluency and recall of number bonds to 10 and 20 and we are now looking at number double facts too.

Spelling words are high frequency words – even, great, break, steak, pretty, who, whole, move, prove, improve

There is no grammar homework this week. Please return books to school for marking.

Homework 21st October 2019

Reading is as usual. Please send books back to school on your child’s reading day. This information was in the class newsletter. If you are unsure, just send reading books in every day.

Spelling words are high frequency words. We are looking for these words being embedded in the children’s writing so using them in a sentence to aid understanding will help. Words this week are – only, because, hour, could, should, would, Mr, Mrs, every, everybody. Remember the capital letters for Mr and Mrs.

Maths – Maths with Parents if you haven’t already done that. The hit the button work for quick recall is very worth while if you are able to practice. Link – https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button (or just search hit the button game)

CGP Grammar – page 12 on capital letters and full stops only please.

Homework 14th October 2019

Apologies for the late posting – problems with the blog in school.

Reading is as per the newsletter – a mixture of your child reading aloud to you and you reading aloud with them. If you could please send reading books daily with children then there is no confusion over reading days. We also will hear children read when we have available adults in school which is always easier if their books are in school.

Maths – it is the same Maths with Parents video as last time as we need to practise these skills. If you have completed this homework then please practise fluency skills for bonds to 10 and 20 on hit the button  https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button

Spellings – High Frequency words  – asked, about, looked, don’t, day, called, again, made, them, then

CGP Grammar book – Page 6 only please! Adjectives.

Homework 7th October 2019

Just to clarify homework arrangements – homework will be set on Tuesday. Any spelling journals and grammar books will be handed back out on Tuesday at the end of the day. Homework to be handed in on Monday please. There are trays by the door and I am trying to encourage the children to be independent in putting their homework in there.

Homework for this week

Reading – a combination of reading aloud to your child and your child reading aloud to you. We are really focusing on fluency so daily practice of a shorter amount can help with this, for some children.

Maths with Parents has been set. I have also extended this video as we have not been able to move through this unit as quickly. It would be of benefit to practice mathematical fluency with addition and subtraction facts within 10 and 20. A great game to play, even for 5 minutes a day, is here    https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button   Try any of the games in the ‘up to 10’ or ‘up to 20’ section. We are moving towards the addition and subtraction being recalled mentally and not calculated using fingers.

Spellings are high frequency words – people, came, when, make, with, as, all, off, of, he

CGP grammar book is pages 4 and 5 on verbs.

Homework 30th September 2019

Homework for this week is

Reading as per the newsletter.

Spelling words – find, kind, mind, wild, climb, behind, child, children, any, many

Maths with parents is set

CGP Grammar book is page 2 on nouns only.

Homework 23rd September 2019

Welcome to our homework tab.

A spelling sheet has been sent home today with all children. The words are – after, fast, last, past, class, grass, pass, plant, path, bath

Thank you for returning the spelling journals. The work has been marked and the new sheet has been stuck in. A separate sheet has been sent home for those who did not have their yellow journal – please check bags!

Reading is as per the newsletter – a variety of hearing your child read and reading aloud to your child. If your child has RWI books, daily practice with these texts will support fluency development.

Maths with Parents has been set and you should have received an email.

Grammar books will be sent home next week if you have paid for one.

Homework 2nd July

Homework –

a spelling sheet should come home this week

reading is as per the newsletter – a variety of hearing your child read and you reading to your child.

Maths with Parents is set.

Times Table Rockstars has also been allocated.

Homework 21st June

Homework –

a spelling sheet should have come home this evening

reading is as per the newsletter – a variety of hearing your child read and you reading to your child. Comprehension prompts to be sent next week (Wednesday)

Maths with Parents is set

Times Table Rockstars has also been allocated

Homework 14th June

Homework is –

Spelling sheet sent home today. If your child has not brought it home please let me know and I will send another on Monday.

Maths with Parents is set and you should have been notified. The children are very keen to complete these activities and to customise their avatar. Maths with Parents visited last week and asked our class for some suggestions that children would like to see. You need to comment to help gain access to the avatar accessories (I believe – my view is different to yours as a parent). The children have also been offered 5 marbles in the jar for completing activities!

Reading (as always) – I will be sending some comprehension prompts home soon to support the development of comprehension answers.

Times Table Rockstars – Times tables are set for your child to practise. Please let me know if you would like the log in details for your child again.

Please send in the CGP grammar books as there are only a few in class. Many thanks.

Homework 24th May

There have been fewer homework posts due to more specific homework being given before we completed the ‘quiz’s’ during May. These are completed now and the children worked really hard and we are very proud of them!

We hope you are having a lovely break and apologise for the delay with the blog but we are having issues in being able to edit posts. It is being looked into.

Homework due by Thursday June 6th is:

Maths with Parents – has been set

CGP Grammar book (spelling focus) – pages 18, 19, 20 and 21.

No yellow spelling book as the CGP is a spelling focus.

Homework Spring Holiday 29th March

Your child hopefully brought home a pack of activities to complete (IF you find yourself with time to in the holiday.)

I have sent activities that reflect the sort of questions that will appear on the SATs papers.

The spelling booklet will be in place of the yellow spelling journal over the next few weeks – please only complete the first four pages maximum at this time.

CGP grammar book – pages on compound words and homophones.

Maths with Parents has been set.

Homework 22nd March

Spellings are a mixture of patterns – ‘gn’ for ‘n’ phoneme; ‘o’ for ‘u’ phoneme; ‘ar’ for ‘or’ phoneme. For the prompt on the sheet about playing the hangman game – the discussion could be around how there are three spelling rules and which letters are common to all words (there are none) and for the children to see this. Which prompts them to see the three different spelling patterns. Regards the amount of handwriting, the general expectation is that they write the word as many times as they can until the end of the line.

Maths with parents is set and I have added this topic again as not many children have had the chance to explore this yet – please let me know if you are having trouble with access. This concept has needed some extra work in class so any additional support at home will really help. A maths sheet was sent home also.

CGP book is pages 39 on plurals and 40 on suffixes.

Homework 15th March

Spellings are when ‘g’, ‘ge’ and ‘dge’ are the phoneme ‘j’ in a word.

Maths homework is maths with parents and a paper homework sheet.

CGP book is pages 16 and 17 on apostrophes.

Homework 8th March

Spellings have been sent home – it is the spelling pattern ‘y’ that says long vowel ‘i’ at the end of a word.

Maths homework is set on Maths with Parents.

CPG grammar book is pages 14 and 15 on commas.

Homework 1st March

Spellings were sent home with each child either in their journal or on a sheet. If it has not made it home we can give a spare next week, please let us know.

Maths with homework is set. It is addition and subtraction of 10’s and 1’s without regrouping. This is a revision topic in preparation for our next topic in class and on maths with parents.

The CGP grammar book is pages 36 and 37.

Homework 8th February

Spellings are in the spelling journal. They will be sent home as a handwriting sheet to practise. If you wish to still complete the other activities that is also fine. The more practise the better!

Reading as usual

Maths with parents is time.

CGP grammar book is pages 34 and 35.

Homework 1st February

Spellings are in the spelling journal.

Reading – as usual.

Maths is Maths with Parents. Times tables rockstars will be starting soon focusing on 2x, 5x and 10x tables.

CGP books – page 33 on er and est endings.

Please return all books/homework on Thursday so it can be marked and new stickers can be put in for the spellings.

I will see you at Parents evening with some information regards homework and the small changes we are making in year 2.

Homework 25th January

Spellings are in the spelling journal.

Reading is as per the newsletter.

Maths with Parents is set.

CGP grammar books – page 7 adverbs.

Please return all books/homework on Thursday so it can be marked and new stickers can be put in for the spellings.

Homework will be changing slightly in the next few weeks and I will let you know the details when it does.

Homework 18th January

Spelling pattern – verbs that end in an ‘e’ that isn’t heard, then we drop the ‘e’ at the end of the word and add the suffix ‘ed’ to make it the past tense.

poked, piled, trickled, waved, baked, chased, liked, used, cared, smiled

Grammar books – page 9 verb tense

Maths – Maths with Parents

Reading is as per the newsletter.

Homework 11th January

This weeks homework from the grammar book is page 10 and 11 on conjunctions

This is a review of the grammar homework that has been set so far in case you have missed any.
pg 2 nouns
pg 4 and 5 verbs
pg 6 adjectives
pg 12 Capital letters & full stops
pg 38 plurals
pg 3 noun phrases
pg 8 types of sentence
pg 13 question/exclamation marks
Maths with Parents has been set
Reading is per the newsletter.
Spellings have been sent home in the yellow journals.

Homework 30th November

This week in maths we have been looking at graphs and different ways we can record data. We have used pictograms, tally charts and block diagrams. The children have done lots of excellent work making their own charts and graphs with counters and pictures to record their data.

An extra task has been sent home with the children to follow on from this week’s work to record the data of how many pairs of shoes each member of your family owns. Please return this to Miss Galimberti next week.

The maths with parents homework is block diagrams and data also.

The grammar homework from the CGP book is page 8, types of sentence.

Spellings have been sent home in the spelling journals.

Apologies that nativity parts have not come home yet – Definitely next week!

Homework 23rd November

Spellings sent home in the yellow journal. Double the consonant before adding the suffix ‘ing’.

Maths with parents is online.

CGP grammar books is page 3 on noun phrases.

Nativity speaking parts to come home next week.

Homework 16th November

Spellings sent home in yellow journals.

Maths with Parents is on line. I have staggered the units later this term as we have the Christmas break coming up so you may find you have longer to complete work – I was unable to leave a break for the holiday.

CGP books – page 38 plurals.

We will soon be sending home information about nativity parts soon, so the rehearsal of any reading or lines will form part of homework also.

Homework 9th November

CGP books that had been returned have been marked and this week please complete page 12 on capital letters and full stops. Just as an update the pages that have been set previously are – 2, 4, 5, 6 and now page 12.

Maths with Parents is set and is supporting this weeks and next weeks work on the bar model.

Spelling homework is our new spelling pattern and stickers have been stuck in the journals that were returned.

Homework 24th October – 7th November

If you have a CGP Grammar book please complete page 5 on verbs and page 6 on adjectives only. Books to be returned to school on Wednesday.

Maths with parents has been set and it is to help with the mental recall and understanding of number bonds to 10. The children should know these off by heart in year 2 and be able to recall them – for example knowing if they have 6 marbles they will need 4 more to equal 10. Anything else you can do to support this in a context will be of benefit.

The spelling homework is to practise all of the spellings from the last half term and we will be having a spelling check on Friday this week based on 20 of the words already learned.

Homework 18th October

Maths with Parents has been set.

Grammar books sent home – pg 4 on verbs only.

Reading as per the newsletter.

Spellings will be sent home tomorrow.

Homework 10th October

Maths with parents has been set.

Grammar books sent home – pg 2 on nouns only.

Reading as per newsletter.

Spellings are sent home tomorrow, please return the journal if you have not already done so.

Homework 3rd October to 10th October

The homework for this week (Wednesday to Wednesday) is the Maths with Parents video set and the spellings. Reading is outlined in the newsletter and further down this page. Spelling is out of sync due to the spelling check on Fridays but we had every journal returned by Friday morning so I wanted to say many thanks to you all. Grammar homework will begin next Wednesday and will likely be from the CGP grammar book, if you have purchased one.

Homework information 27th September 

Homework begins this week and we will usually set homework Wednesday to Wednesday. The spellings are sent home on Friday to allow the weekend and/or time during the week as we appreciate there are many other commitments! The spellings will be sent home in a spelling journal which has an explanation of activities to do as well as the spellings stuck in on the page to record the work completed. Please keep to one page per set of spellings. The spelling books need to be returned on Thursday so we can stick in the next weeks spelling list ready for Friday.

Maths with Parents will be set on Wednesday (there is an activity there now to complete). If you haven’t yet signed up to Maths with Parents look out for the letter explaining what to do.

Grammar homework will be sent home once books are purchased, see email sent today.

Reading is as per the class newsletter, with a mix of hearing your child read and reading to your child over the week.

Notice about Homework

Homework will be posted here and will generally consist of reading, spellings and maths with parents work.

There will be other activities sent home or posted here to support the work in class and an opportunity to purchase a Grammar homework book will be available.

Please check back regularly as you will not be notified by the blog when homework is posted!

A reading timetable will be sent next week for reading days.