Celebrating Europe in Y2

Thank  you to everyone for joining in and supporting our European day today. We have enjoyed Heather’s excellent powerpoint presentation and everyone looks so colourful in their clothes and costumes themed to Hungary! We are busy making puppets of folk dancers  and we have enjoyed hearing some traditional Hungarian music and watching the dancers in their costumes. Later on, more buns and biscuits

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Celebrate Europe Day in Y2

Next Monday, 13th July, our school is holding a day to celebrate Europe. Every class has chosen at least one country to celebrate. Y2 has Hungary! Just to ‘reblog’ the recent letter to let you know how you can join in:

At lunch we intend to host a European Picnic sitting outside with themed food. If your child does not have school dinners perhaps you could pack their lunch with the European theme in mind.

We would like to invite you all to an assembly at 2.45pm where we will be celebrating our knowledge of Europe and wonderful work.

Ideas for parents

Your child will be told what country they are studying. Could they dress in the colours of that country or as a personality.

 If you have any symbols, books, songs or artefacts that you could share with your child’s class these would be most welcome.

 If possible could you also collect travel brochures on the country and send them in prior to the day.

 You may wish to create a PowerPoint or poster which your child can share with the class on the day.


Most of us may not know an awful lot about Hungary at the moment, but we can all learn together! Any contributions or help will be valued and will make the day more interesting and fun. If your child does want to prepare a powerpoint about Hungary please could you email it in to enquiries@stwilfridssheffield.co.uk rather than send it on a memory stick. Thank – you.

There seem to be a huge variety of Hungarian folk costumes.

With permission From mum and dad, look up ‘Hungarian folk

costume’ on You Tube or Google.



The Hungarian flag.

Hungary Flag

Y2’s Water Challenge

What better activity for a very hot day than a water challenge? George Taylor’s mum Jess, who works for Yorkshire Water, brought pumps and buckets and engaged Y2 in thinking about where our water comes from, how it is filtered and how much water can pass through the water mains in a day.  Jess timed how long it took our house teams to pump 10 litres of water and then she calculated how much they would pump in 24 hours. St Andrew’s won with 11368 litres! 20150630_091151 20150630_091205 20150630_091212 20150630_091233 20150630_091246 20150630_091632 20150630_091647 20150630_091759 20150630_091825 20150630_091837 20150630_091850 20150630_091857 20150630_091914 20150630_091916 20150630_091945 20150630_091952 20150630_092004 IMG_0349 (2)

Our Beautiful Pastel Drawings

We thought you might like to see our oil pastel work. We have carefully drawn what we think the Lady of Shalott would see from her window. We have used all the ideas and images we could find in Tennyson’s poem. Very grown up work for Y2….but we are enjoying it a great deal. Working with the oil pastels was good, creative, messy fun!

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