Our year 2 class learnt all about the different foods groups and how important it is to eat a balanced diet. The children created their own healthy packed lunch as they thought about the various food groups and the nutrients that they need. They really enjoyed thinking about what they eat and how important exercise is in keeping our bodies healthy.

I will send home a homework sheet over half-term if you have time to complete a food and exercise diary with the children.



Science- plant life cycles

As part of our ongoing science lessons on plants, our class planted some cress seeds, which we are going to observe in different conditions. We predicted what we thought may happen when we change the variables of our experiment. We also thought about the life cycle of a plant and looked further into how plants grow and what they need for survival.


Nature walk

Our year 2 class had some fun in the sun this week as we went on a nature walk around school and thought about what plants need for survival. The children really enjoyed collecting the living things on their bracelets as they walked around the school grounds.


Science- exercise and the human body

Last week our year 2 class learnt about the effects of exercise on the human body. The children were put through their paces as they had to complete various exercises and describe the changes to their bodies. The exercises that we completed included: burpees, star jumps, lunges and running. The children noted down how they felt after each activity and learnt how exercise also burns calories.


Food bank collection – Friday 17th May

Dear Parents,

please see the information below regarding the food bank collection.

Many thanks


To ensure a wide variety of food is collected each class has been designated a particular food group.

Contributions will be collected once a month.  The next collection is Friday 17th May.

Thank you for your support

Class Food Group
Reception Packet Convenience Food e.g.

–          Pot noodles

–          Mugshots

–          Packet Pasta

–          Pot Pasta

Cooking facilities can sometimes be limited, Pot Noodles are very thought after

Reception/Year 1 Drinks e.g.

–          Squash (as in fruit cordials)

–          Sachets of hot drinks eg hot chocolate

–          Tea

–          Coffee

Year 1 Tinned meals e.g.

–          Ravioli

–          Macaroni cheese

–          Spaghetti bolognaise

(no baked beans, they are inundated with baked beans!)

Year 2 Tinned Soups
Year 2/3 Condiments

–          Ketchup

–          Pickles for sandwiches (e.g. Branston)

–          Salad cream

–          Brown sauce

Year 3 Tinned Meat e.g.

–          Tinned beef casserole

–          Tinned chill

–          Tinned stew

–          Fray Bentos pies

Year 4 Tinned and Fresh Potatoes
Year 4/5 Cheese – they get through loads of cheese in the cafe
Year 5/6 Snacks e.g.

–          Multi packs of crisps

–          Biscuits


Year 6 Toiletries e.g.

–          Shower gel

–          Deodorants

–          Shampoo

(no tooth brushes or tooth paste)


Millennium Galleries visit

We had a wonderful time on Thursday visiting the Millennium Galleries and seeing the Leonardo da Vinci sketches before they leave Sheffield.

It was a busy day and we all managed to get on the same bus to town and back again. We loved looking at the sketches and learning a little more about the man who painted the Mona Lisa. We came back with so many facts and excited to learn more about who Leonardo was and what he did.


Park trip

We had great weather and really enjoyed the reward for our marbles in the jar. We are well on the way to our next reward too!

Mrs Marsh did sneak in a little Geography as we were going to the park and on the way back.

When we left we completed a traffic survey outside school and then one later outside the park. We talked about why the results were different and in some ways the same and drew some conclusions from that. We also did a little P4C (philosophy for children) about traffic and how much there is and if it is a good or bad thing.

Here are some photos from the trip…..

Another science visitor

Mrs Tanner came in to class wearing some very unusual clothes! She explained it was a clean suit and it was important for people to wear these in her work as hey had to keep areas completely germ free. She had come to talk to us about how people make vaccines and how she advises people what to put in the vaccines – which means she needs to know a lot about science and maths!

We had a think about what germs were and what vaccines do in the body.

These are the different filters that the vaccine is passed through to remove the parts that we don’t need. They get finer and finer.

We learned that our body has white blood cells and when an infection gets in to our body these white blood cells produce anti bodies (the y shape) to attack the virus and protect our bodies from infection and being poorly. A vaccine gives us a little bit of the infection so our white blood cells can produce the antibodies so we can fight it off.

We learned so much in a really interesting way and thank you to Mrs Tanner for her time.