Homework 28 11 14

This week the children will bring home a times table sheet with an explanation of the order in which we learn the tables:

  • Begin by learning 2x, 5x, 10x as we have begun in class this week.
  • When these are learnt, go on to 3x, 4x, 5x and  6x.
  • Then 9x, 8x and 7x.

Please can your child keep the sheet at home and learn their tables with you as we are focusing on multiplication and division for the rest of the term.

Thank – you.

Homework 6 11 14

The children have been given a Maths homework sheet on position and direction, which they have looked at this week in Maths with our teaching practice student Miss Hague. Blue and Green Group are to use their knowledge of compass points to complete the worksheet and map, while Orange Group are practising grid co – ordinates and making a map according to the instructions given. Red and Purple Group have to solve the code by reading co – ordinates and recording the letters they find in the given squares to spell the hidden words.