Wishing you all a wonderful holiday. Take care and have a fabulous break.

Homework packs were sent home. Some parents had requested some work to keep practicing over the holiday so it is there for those who have time and are able. Information is on the homework tab.

Lent prayer bags

Dear Parents,

All of the children will have an opportunity to bring home a prayer bag to share with the family during Lent. As with the Advent prayer bags it is important they are returned to school the following day with all of the contents checked so that another child can have the opportunity to take it home.

Many thanks for your support.

Science week continued

We continued science week by answering one of our big questions – Does the tallest person have the biggest feet?

Our evidence – shortest to tallest.

Looking for patterns in the data.

Our foot size in height order.

Our answer – NO!

Onto more identifying and observing over time.

Yes we melted chocolate and made crispy buns.

Lots of discussion about the solid chocolate…

And the liquid chocolate…..


And the solid chocolate again after they had been left to set.

Science week – part 2

Lots of scientific enquiry going on today.

We had to work out which of our science super hero skills were being used in each investigation.

It got a bit messy too……but we had lots of fun!

See if your children can remember which science super hero we needed.

There is Captain Peeko – he likes to find patterns.

Commander classify – she identifies, classifies and groups.

Spy Magnus – he observes over time.

Billy Bookhead – he uses secondary sources of information.

Super girl – she makes sure that all is fair.

We were very busy – and we still have some work to complete tomorrow!

So what did we do? Well……

What happens if we leave skittles in water….

What’s in a bag of Haribo?

Gravity defying water! How does it work?

Which surface is the best for my car to travel on?

Oobleck! (Cornflour and water) Is it a solid? Is it a liquid? Or is it both – and why?

More results..

We tried different arrangements of the skittles.

Can you see what is happening?

More oobleck….

We changed a variable – and used smarties and M&M’s. Would our findings be the same?

How far will the marble travel if we change the starting point? We did start a discussion about variables…..

What happens to the marble at the bottom of the ramp?

Which super hero helped us write our fact files?

Ms Marsh wanted to sort the sweets a different way. We had to think why…..


The class are starting to learn some of the key facts from the knowledge organiser now. This week we have started learning about the continents and oceans.

Quick knowledge recall game after the lesson – pass around the inflatable globe and identify the ocean or continent they were asked for. A lively game!


We have learned a lot about fractions in the last few weeks.

Here are some of the things we were working on in class.