Heroes day in KS1 5 2 16

Our topic has been Heroes and to round off and celebrate this and the wonderful work the children have been doing we would like to invite them to dress up as heroes on the last day of this half term Friday 5th February.

Children can dress as superheroes or as one of the historical heroes we have learnt about across the Key Stage ( Neil Armstrong, Florence Nightingale, Grace Darling) or as a completely different historical hero of their choice. They may even want to make up their own superhero/hero! Let’s remember as well that police officers, nurses, doctors, firefighters etc. are our ‘local heroes.’

We look forward to the day!

Homework this week 29 1 16

We will not be running our usual Read Write Spell class next week, so there is no homework related to this.

We are looking at Judaism in RE this week as a whole class during our Literacy time so please could the children do a little bit of finding out e.g. –

Where do Jewish people worship God?

What is Shabbat and when do the Jewish people celebrate it?

Do they have any other festivals? What do they celebrate?

Which day of the week is their special Sabbath day?

What is the name of their holy book?

It would be super if they could come in with a little bit of background knowledge next week.

Thank – you.

Maths Homework 27 1 16 for Ms Devitt’s Group

Please click on this link to go to the topmarks website selection of shape and symmetry activities and games:



In Ms Devitt’s Maths Group we have been looking at 2 – D and 3 – d  shape and symmetry. These games will provide extra practice with matching, sorting etc. particularly the symmetry activities, but please browse and use any of these games to work at home.


Computing with Mrs Sadler

Here are Y2 learning how to control the Probot cars and the Beebots with  Mrs Sadler and Ms Devitt. Everyone is improving their skill at directing the toys and also controlling Beebot and animated characters on screen Don’t forget to keep on working on building code with our resources on Mrs Sadler’s Computing Blog. Some of the children have already been doing this at home which is very pleasing.

Police Visit

As part of our topic on Heroes, we had a visit from a parent who is a police officer. All the Infant classes including Y2 had a great time looking at the car and hearing about the special equipment they carry. We agreed that we can count the police among some of our local heroes!

Maths Problem Solving Workshop for Y2

Last week Y2 took part in a Maths workshop run by a teacher from Tapton school. The children had the opportunity to solve problems involving space, shape, measures, direction and sequencing as well as numbers. Every child achieved something and they all enjoyed this different approach to our Maths.

Art and Design Y2

The children are building vehicles as part of our art and design topic so they require boxes to be brought from home. These could be cereal/container cardboard boxes of different sizes. Discuss with your child what their design is and what they would require to complete their structure.

Please bring the boxes on Monday 18th January.

Thank you,

Mrs Glossop


Maths Homework 8 1 16

We have begun working on learning our times tables. Please can the children particularly learn their 2x 5x and 10x tables with the aid of Percy Parker? If you go to


and register with an email address, you will be able to view the tables songs and videos as many times as you like.

You can watch and learn other tables if you know your 2x, 5x and 10x.

The children will need to next learn their 3x, 4x and 6x tables next.

They will receive a paper times table sheet next week.