Homework 26 2 14

This week in Maths Y2 have been getting back to grips with addition and subtraction, and everyone has brought home some work related to this. Please hand in homework next Thursday.

Can mums and dads please help their child to understand the language involved in the questions and to work out the answers.

Thank you.

Fire Officer’s Visit 25 2 15

Digital Camera

Digital Camera Digital Camera


On Wednesday afternoon, fire officer Martin came to talk to all our Y2’s about safety in our homes and cars. The children listened really well and enjoyed finding out about laws and rules for fire and driving safety. They learned about ‘Stop, drop and roll!’ as a way of putting out fire on yourself if your clothes catch light. They might remind mums and dads to check smoke alarms at home, and they will never forget to fasten their seatbelt!

The children will be bringing home some free ‘goodies’ which Martin dropped into school to remind them of their learning.

Police Visit.

As part of our topic about heroes and people who help us Key Stage 1 and Reception were lucky enough to have a visit from two police officers today. We think the pictures speak for themseleves! A massive thank you to Keira’s mum for coming in.

Digital Camera Digital Camera

Digital Camera Digital Camera

Digital Camera Digital Camera

Narrative writing

Last week we wrote some adventure stories.

Here is the opening sentence of Toby’s story……

“It was night, rain was splattering against the side of the palace wall. Foot steps could be heard by the soliders………”

Rest assured the rest of the story is as good as this!!

Feel free to come and read your child’s story at a convenient time

The last of the vehicle work!!!

Yesterday we finished our mini topic on vehicles.

We studied and described a range of boats and how they moved. Leo told us about his Grandad who is buying a houseboat! We then made a simple paper boat with the help of our chief engineers Miss Mohammed and Mr Cassius (thanks for your patience guys!).

Before we floated our veritable armada we explored different methods of waterproofing our boats (George and Luke came up with the idea of wrapping them in bubble wrap or foil but unfortunately Mr Lowe hadn’t bought the goods)

We had a lot of fun as hopefully you can see from these photos.

(Don’t worry the children have been doing some real work as well as we welcomed back Ms Devitt yesterday)

20150209_142725 20150209_142357 20150209_134010


“Spring into singing 2015”- Concert at Victoria Hall


As you may have heard all the children in Y2 have been enjoying singing lessons this half term.

We have been lucky to work with a specialist singing teacher Mrs Cowen and despite Mr Lowe putting us off with silly actions and the wrong words, we have really enjoyed these sessions!

The children will have the opportunity to perform their songs as part of a choir, alongside other Y2s from Beck and St Thomas of Canterbury Schools.

More information will follow shortly (including how many tickets will be allocated for our school) but as advanced warning, this is what we know so far!:

The concert will be at the Victoria Hall on Friday March 20th from 1-2pm.

We will take the children down on the bus to town in time for a practice from 10-12.

The children will have their lunch at the Victoria Hall with children from the other schools (as all Y2s are entitled to a free school meal, they will all be provided with a school packed lunch for that day)

We will be returning back to school in time for the end of the day and normal pick up.

Hope this is all clear and that you are as excited about it as the children are!

In the meantime to wet your enthusiasm, here is a photo of us practising….20150204_151405[1]