Thank you

Mrs Connolly, Miss Dyson and I would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to you all for our generous and thoughtful gifts we were presented with today.

I am personally very touched by your kind and very generous gift and would like to say again what a pleasure it has been to teach your children this year. They have so much enthusiasm and I hope they have enjoyed the year as much as I have.

Have a wonderful summer break and I hope some of the children will still come and say hello and maybe even bring in a collection to show me in September.

Many thanks again, Ms Marsh

Reading books

To all of the parents who were able to pop in and see the fabulous work in our art gallery – thank you!

If you couldn’t make it I hope you are enjoying the art work the children brought home this evening.

If all children could return their reading books and yellow diaries please, so these can be organised ready for transition in September to Year 3.

Also send in a carrier bag tomorrow as the children will be bringing more things home….

Thank you in advance

Art gallery

Dear Parents,

Our classroom is still set up to showcase our amazing art work this morning when you drop off, if you’d like to come and have a look around.

Also this week we are sending home some of the children’s school books and work. If you are able to send your child with a carrier bag as soon as possible.

Many thanks

Reading books

Dear Parents,

All reading books for all children were given out today. As next week is the last week we will be collecting all of the reading books to pass on to the next teacher, ready for September.

If you could make sure that ANY school reading books are returned on Tuesday 16th July please and also the yellow diaries. If you have any other school reading books lying around then please return those also – consider it an amnesty….. 🙂

Many thanks

Boxes for art please!

Dear Parents,

I am still working on the photo issue with our blog – hopefully this will be rectified soon. There is a back log of great work to show you!

We are currently being very creative in class working on our installation, pottery/clay work, printing, sketching and sculpture. (We are a very inspired bunch of individuals.) In order to create our installation we need small boxes (like the size a four pack of smoothies come in). If you could raid your blue bin to see if you have any boxes that are around that size we would be very grateful. A cereal box is probably a little too big but smaller than that and a variety of shapes would make it an interesting piece. Shoe boxes are a good size too.

Thank you!