Get the Picture Week in Y2

We started the week with a puzzle – what is this picture? Can you piece it together? Who can you see in it? After putting it together we wrote our own questions about the painting and we hope they will be answered this week as we investigate The Lady of Shalott by William Maw Egley.IMG_0343 (2) IMG_0342 (2) IMG_0344 (2) IMG_0345 (2) IMG_0346 (2)



First Communion Mass

Many thanks to all who came to support this morning at our Firs Holy Communion Celebration Mass. It was a lovely celebration and all the children looked fantastic.

Science – Testing the strength of paper shapes (to destruction!)

Part of our exciting topic is to make and test shapes to see which is the strongest. After looking at some amazing buildings such as the Epcot Centre and the Parthenon, we decided to make cylinders, cubes, cuboids, prisms and pyramids and test them to see how many Maths books they could support! This was a lot of fun, especially when the shapes collapsed and failed. For some reason, the squashed shapes were very funny to look at. But it helped us to do some intelligent thinking about some big questions to do with how and why shapes work in structures, and what makes a shape so strong, even when it is only made of paper. Great teamwork and experimentation today in Y2!

IMG_0330 (2) IMG_0329 (2) IMG_0331 (2) IMG_0332 (2) IMG_0333 (2) IMG_0334 (2) IMG_0335 (2) IMG_0336 (2) IMG_0337 (2) IMG_0338 (2) IMG_0339 (2) IMG_0340 (2)

Castle construction continues…….

Armed only with 3 rolls of masking tape, a handful of split pins, treasury tags, scissors and lots of card, your amazing children built these impressive castles! As you can see we had great fun, and yet again the children showed brilliant team work, resilience, humor and excellent behaviour. You should be very proud of them! 20150622_142719_resized20150622_142148_resized20150622_142101_resized20150622_141806_resized20150622_141704_resized20150622_141637_resized


Friday’s Fantastic Trip to Conisborough Castle

On Friday we went to Conisborough castle as part our our castles topic. We had a great day. We started with a tour of the castle and we had clue bags to work out what the different parts would have been.

image image image image

image image

This part was the old prison.

image image

This is was the Great Hall. The children are standing in the fire place!



This is was the old kitchen!



After looking around outside we went into the bailey.


This was the ceiling inside the chapel


This is the window where the ladies would sit to sew. Gentlemen went up there to entertain them. Can you see Joseph playing his lute?


This is the sink!


This is the top of the well. The water was kept safe so that no one could poison it.

Thank you for support with the assembly

Thanks to mums and dads for sending in costume and helping children to learn lines.  If the children have a lot of lines they will have a card to read from on the day. We will do lots of practice today and tomorrow.

If anyone is having trouble getting costume sorted out please let Ms Devitt know.