Few more photos….

Here are a few more photos of what people have been getting up to.

Thank you also for the comments about the video – we as a staff are missing you all and hope you are all well and safe. It was a small gesture to reach out to you all – and obviously there was cake! 🙂

Here are the rest of the photos….. please keep sending them in. I love seeing you all.

Some wonderful fun science (it’s always fun like maths!)

Mr Brelsford’s art project and some photos of the 26.2 challenge. Well done!

Roller skating skills…..

The planets inspired by Holst.

Look what you’ve been up to!

Here are the photos I have from just before the holidays right through to today.

Missing you all and so lovely to see your smiles! Looking forward to catching up with you all this week.

You have been busy and so creative – well done!

Yum Yum!

Wow impressive!


Great collection there and fab baking!


Fab work!

Camping fun, Easter bonnets and a frog!

Looks very busy!

Great fire of London!

Forest school fun……

…and art inspired by Anthony Goldsworthy!

Summer Term Reading Adventure!

Dear Parents,

If there is only one aspect of learning you can dedicate time to during the school closure then reading will be the most beneficial.

There are links on the blog to RWI lessons – which now include spelling and writing. These are most appropriate if your child is reading RWI books.

There are a range of ebooks available for free that can supplement the books sent home for your child on Oxford Owl  

If you need any advice or support about which books to choose (level/band) for your child then please get in touch – year2@stwilfridssheffield.co.uk.

If your child has a Lexia login – please keep working through that, it is tailored specifically to your child.

Read aloud to your child, listen to stories online – Audible is free currently, lots of celebrities are reading stories too. RWI have a story session with Nick. I understand this can all be overwhelming too! Any reading you can do together and giving your child opportunities to read at their level will help greatly. Sometimes keeping it simple and just reading a favourite book from the shelf over and over again…..

So on to the adventure….

Can you – read your favourite book with your teddy?

read in your pyjamas?

read a book with an adult using silly voices?

read outside? Or in a den?

read with a pet?

read in an unusual place? Or maybe an unusual position…..upside down maybe? Be safe with this one!

read in fancy dress as a character or just in dress up?

I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the reading adventure! Send the photos to year2 email please!

Home learning – update

I missed a couple of things off the spelling ideas!

Choose a selection of activities to practise the words with.

Rainbow writing, backwards spellings, pyramid words, bubble writing – also any ideas from the yellow spelling journal.

Pyramid words look like this.

To spell the word some –


s      o

s      o      m

s     o     m      e

It should look like a pyramid but the blog won’t let me format it!!!!

Week beg 27/4/2020

Dear Parents

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break and are well rested – and possibly still full from chocolate! It has been so lovely to hear from you and you are all missed! I am going to be sending a few emails today so please look out for those and I am hoping to catch up with you all this week.

I want to say a big WELL DONE on getting this far! This experience is different for each of us and the most important thing is to just get through, however that looks for you and your family. Nobody needs to ‘do it all’ unless that is your thing! Some of you may need some formal activities and some of you may not be able to implement them. Do what you can, enjoy the time with your children and stay safe. There are so many informal opportunities for learning to take place and these may better suit your family – baking, art, building, construction and I would encourage a healthy dose of these too.

New work has been set for the whole week and I have put it together as more of a ‘timetable’. I have included it here and it is on it’s way some time today via email. This is in no way what is expected from everyone but as we are all different there are things here for all to chose what they can manage. The Maths and English lessons do need to be done in order is the only advice I’d give. The work I have suggested is all consolidation of learning we have done in class previously. Some children may prefer the more ‘lesson like’ approach of these videos and online learning I’ve suggested here. Only do what works for your child and yourself. 

Take care everyone! 🙂

Year 2 home learning 27 Apr

Spelling list y1 2

Great Fire of London – Facebook live

Hi all,

Hope you are enjoying your Easter holidays!

I just wanted to make you aware (in case you were interested) – this afternoon at 2pm London Fire Brigade are hosting a live Facebook lesson on The Great Fire of London. Link is below.

If you can’t make this or don’t use Facebook then there will be another live session in June from the Museum of London.

I will be blogging again next week and catching up with you all hopefully. Remember to email me any photos or work or just to say hello through the class email!

Stay safe and missing you all

Ms Marsh 🙂

Facebook live link – https://www.facebook.com/events/811201419367772/

Last weeks home learning

Thank you for the photos of what you have been up to at home. It is so nice to see you!

EEEk an octopus!

Love this lighthouse picture!

Has anything moved in yet?

Sewing! We were supposed to be learning to sew for D&T.

Some amazing work Year 2! I love the collaborative efforts too.

Update – Tuesday 7th April

I hope you are all well. I am missing you all a lot but being at home is the most important thing we can do – and I will be so excited to see you again when we can!!

Please continue to choose home learning from the menu sent last week.

I have included some additional work here for history.

We had not found out about Samuel Pepys and his important role in history and The Great Fire of London. Samuel Pepys.      Please note – there are some parallels in this video with current events. If I was using this in class I would reassure the children about how we survived the plague as a nation and that numbers of deaths were much higher. As well as that I would reassure them that the lockdown is the safest thing for us to do and that modern medicine and hospital care are far more advanced. I hope the children are writing a few sentences for their own history journals.

Another link is this (it is from 1994!) Magic Grandad Great Fire

As it is Holy Week we would be spending time in class this week preparing for this. There are lots of ideas on the Palm Sunday Liturgy post for ideas and activities to complete.

Also please keep using the White Rose Maths home learning. It is still consolidating our fraction work this week on quarters, three quarters and equivalence (week three).  Fractions – quarters

I will be in touch with those who expressed an interest in being part of the shared Liturgy. Anyone can take part simply by sending a picture of a palm you have made or drawn (maybe you are waving it too) or by drawing a picture from the Last Supper. You can also make a picture to celebrate He Is Risen. Be as creative as you like! All pictures need to be sent to year2@stwilfridssheffield.co.uk please – and the deadline is tomorrow before lunchtime.

Also for anyone who was not aware Twinkl have made their resources free for parents. I have attached this link to the guide for parents and you can register from there if you have not yet already.