A few things….

Dear Parents,

It is our second trip of the week on Thursday and we are off in to town. If you could please send the bus fare in by tomorrow at the end of the school day as we will not have time to organise this on Thursday morning before we leave. If you are able to help, please get in touch. We are leaving school at 9.30am and returning to school for 1.30pm for the May procession.

Our park trip was fantastic on Monday and we had the best weather! Photos to follow.




Homework this week is to complete any of the pack from the 2 week holiday that you have not yet finished. The spelling booklet was to complete the first 4 pages and there are grammar sheets and comprehension practise also.

Maths with Parents has been allocated and I have re-allocated the shape work video and tasks as it had not been accessed by many children.

We will now be revising spelling content and using the CGP book for this from next week. I sent home all of the books we had in class. We will possibly be revising some of the Maths with Parents content also to refresh the children about some of the maths concepts.


Park trip

Dear Parents,

You should have received an email regards the trip being rescheduled to Monday afternoon due to the forecast for tomorrow being less than favourable. We will go regardless on Monday and if you can help please let me know as soon as possible.

You should also have had the email regarding our other visit next week to town and the Millennium Galleries. If you are able to help with this please let me know – I know some parents had volunteered to help this Thursday. We also need to know about packed lunches by tomorrow so the kitchen can place their order.

Thank you

Author visit

Today we had a special visitor called Olaf Falafel who talked to us about being an author and an illustrator. He showed us some of his work and the different types of illustrating he does and then read us his new book about the moon landing ….. mostly.

He was very entertaining and we learned some facts about the moon landing as well as some tips about shading and illustrating.

Performing poetry

You may have been told we are focusing on poetry this week – and we are all very enthusiastic about it!

Today we performed some of the poems. We have loved watching Michael Rosen read his poem ‘Chocolate Cake’. So today we used some techniques he uses to add expression and tone of voice and some simple body language to express ourselves in a poem. We chose ‘Please Mrs Butler’ by Alan Ahlberg and we did a choral, back and forth where the class were split in to 2 groups. I was very impressed with only a short amount of rehearsal time!

Please Mrs Butler (cue whiny voices…..)

Response from a very ‘not bothered’ Mrs Butler……

Please Mrs Butler…..

Still the same response from Mrs Butler….

Please Mrs Butler …….

Mrs Butler has had enough now!

The we read a poem by Brian Moses called ‘I’m walking with my iguana’ and we put this to music as it has a great rhythm. It also made us laugh…..


To finish we sang the song ‘Little Rabbit Foo Foo’ with the actions. This went down a treat and it’s possible you may have heard a rendition at home…..

Maths – 3D shape

Today’s lesson required potatoes….. and lots of fabulous language used by the children.

Potatoes were chopped to highlight the relationships between faces, edges and vertices. Then on to lots of  exploring of 3D shapes and lots of reasoning.


The children had to identify properties, describe shapes using the language and match descriptions to shapes.

The final challenge? Build the tallest tower….. except I gave out some shapes that were a little more difficult to build with than others. The children worked really well together and reasoned about their towers and why certain shapes were left to the top – or not included at all.

Maths – symmetry

Our final day of clues was that the shape had one line of symmetry.

Our lesson focused on what symmetry was and we used mirrors as well as folding and cutting our own symmetrical shapes. We were able to identify symmetry as a property of some shapes also.

We finished off the lesson today and were able to identify the thief – a quadrilateral, no right angles and one line of symmetry. See if your child can remember what the shape looked like or show you on the pictures below – it can be seen on some of the photos.

Maths – right angles

This week we have been on the hunt for a thief! One of the shapes stole a pencil case and we were asked with solving the clues.

On Monday we discovered the shape was a quadrilateral. The next clue was that the shape had no right angles.

This meant we had to learn what right angles were and find examples that were not right angles too.

Lots of investigating and turning a quarter of a turn.


Holy Week continued…

This morning our fabulous liturgy leaders presented the stations of the cross to retell the Easter story. They did an amazing job. The class were so respectful and attentive as well as answering the questions thoughtfully.

Holy Week

We then moved on to learning about Maundy Thursday, looking especially at Jesus washing the disciples feet. To help us understand the message Jesus was passing on to the disciples (based on John 13: 4-15) we listened to the hymn ‘Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers’.

We then thought carefully about the lyrics and tried to apply this to our lives today and how we could serve. We came up with some very thoughtful suggestions.