Science Week in Y2

We have been finding out what kinds of skills astronauts might need!

We did this by testing our skills at building Lego with gloves on and without gloves on. Lots of us found out that trying to build with gloves on was frustrating and difficult! We timed each other to see how many bricks we could build in one minute and we found it was fewer when we wore gloves.

Astronauts have to be trained to be strong and calm and to be good with their hands. They mustn’t panic if things go wrong in space and they must be able to concentrate on tasks for a long time. We have found out that part of an astronaut’s training is to build and fix fiddly things under water while wearing a space suit. This gets them used to working in space.

No Spelling Homework this Week

There will not be any spelling homework in the big yellow books this week as we are just catching up with spelling teaching after our very enjoyable two days spent focusing on British Values and our Science day on Monday 14th, and it would not make sense to rush ahead. Thank  -you.

Maths Homework – Revise Patterns

Please can the children try these two activities to revise ideas about patterns?

The second activity is harder than the first.

Also, we are still working on our Fractions topic and there are some activities that would be good to consolidate knowledge – go to

and choose the activities ‘half/not a half’,  ‘half/not a quarter’  and ‘build your own fraction wall’ where the children can see how fractions compare to each other, e.g.

– Which is bigger? 2/3 or 3/4?

– How many quarters make one half?

Thank you for your continued support with the children’s homework.


Please Support our Fundraising

As you will have hopefully read in the letter that went out, all the children in Y2 are having the chance to bake shortbread biscuits in aid of our Lenten charities. Some of the class will bring home a bag of biscuits today and we would appreciate it if you could make a donation to our Lenten fundraising for CAFOD and the Good Shepherd collection.

If your child doesn’t bring biscuits today then they will do so soon, either tomorrow or next week as we fit our baking sessions in.


World Book Day

We are having an excellent day of reading and being read to, not least by Y5/6. As well as listening to stories all the children in Y2 have decorated a bookmark. There is a £5 book voucher prize for the winner of the bookmark contest.

The children have all borrowed a book from the library which they may keep for a week. Please can they bring their library book back next Thursday? Many thanks.

Our Visit to the Library

Year 2 enjoyed their class visit to Ecclesall Library this afternoon. The librarian was lovely and she read us two fun stories. Everyone was engrossed in looking at the different books and the children were finding out from each other what their favourite type of book might be. Many of the class said that they were library members already and others thought they might like to join. We are all looking forward to celebrating books again tomorrow on World Book Day!