Homework 25 2 16

An aspect of their learning that the children need to practise in Maths is fractions. To support this, go to:


and select the activity ‘fractions’ under the orange title bar which says ‘fractions.’

This should take you to a fractions activity with a simple ‘level one’ activity and a more complicated ‘level 2 &3’ activity, asking the children to identify common fractions of shapes and split sets of objects.

Lots of children reported that they had worked with last week’s homework activities so thank you for your continued support.

Science 25 2 16

Today we looked at the structure of flowering plants. We observed tulips very carefully to see how they are made up of all their different parts. We looked inside the flower and found the stigma and the stamens. Everyone labelled their diagrams well. Next time we will look at the structure of trees and compare them to flowering plants.

Looking for Signs of Spring

As part of our continuous Science work on the seasons and as part of our topic on ‘Growing,’ Y2 went out for a look around to see signs of spring and to begin to identify common wild and garden plants. Lots of children clearly have good background knowledge and experience and we could name herbs, flowers and some (but not so many) trees. It’s still winter really, so we will keep on looking and thinking as the seasons move on into springtime.

Homework 19/02/16

This week’s homework focuses on money and counting out coins for amounts and change.

Go to:


Scroll down until you find  ‘Money Master – give change – (no totals)’.

This gives the opportunity to work out the change from larger amounts e.g. £5, £10. The children may need some support and the opportunity to jot on paper to help work it out.

If this proves very challenging there are other money activities there, e.g.

‘Money Master – a few coins (no totals)’ gives the chance to make totals using the coins provided.

Thank – you to parents for supporting children with homework. The practice they do at home shows in their classwork.

Super Hero Vehicles

Today the class completed their lovely Super Hero vehicles. Wow, they were fantastic!!

First the children had designed their vehicles in their sketch books so they had think about what features that would help their particular hero. They used their drawings and notes to create their finished product. Here are the pictures to prove what  a great effort they made.

Well done !

Mrs Glossop

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Heroes Day in Y2

Last Friday Y2 participated really well in our KS1 Heroes day! Thank you to mums and dads who helped prepare costumes and research for the children. The learning and engagement they showed with the topic was fantastic and was enhanced by the opportunity to dress as  a hero. All the children were able to talk about their costume and many were in role as their superhero or historical hero. We recapped our History and Science topic very well through doing this. Also we learnt about some different heroes whom we didn’t study in our topic.

Here are some photos to show our amazing costumes. Can you spot Pandit Nehru, Louis Pasteur, several Florence Nightingales, Grace Darling, Mary Seacole, Edith Cavell, Neil Armstrong, Alexander Graham Bell and Queen Elizabeth I among others, as well as our fleet of superheroes?

Ewww! Part 2

We examined the orange we had left for nearly a week today! We were careful to leave it inside its bag of course. We could see black, green and white mould and we noticed that the orange was dehydrated and there was condensation on the bag. We are interested to see what the orange will be like if we leave it until after half term!

Horrible Science!

In Science we are investigating germs and mould! We have learnt about how scientists in the past made some great discoveries about germs and saved many lives, and we have learnt that people did not always understand about hygiene. We are finding out about how germs and mould can grow, even though at first we cannot see them around us.

Last Friday we put some fresh orange pieces in bags, but we were not careful to wash our hands – in fact we prodded and poked them and pretended to be little flies buzzing all around them! We wrote down predictions in our books about what might happen. Then we left the orange on the windowsill, completely sealed up for safety. Tomorrow we will take a look at our bags of orange and see what has happened.

What do you think we might see?

orange fresh

Our orange looking good last week. It might not look so yummy tomorrow…..

Maths Homework Y2

This week’s Maths homework is revision of addition and subtraction.


Follow this link to go to the Mathsopolis Numbers Index on the ‘Maths is Fun’ website. Scroll down the page and find and use the activities:

‘Fix the equation + and -‘

‘Fix the equation mixed’

‘Fix the equation what makes 100’

This will give practice of + and – with missing numbers. It is done against a timer so you can see if you can beat your score.

As always, if you have mastered these activities there are plenty more to explore.

Judaism in Y2

Thank you for all the excellent homework that came in about Judaism this week. It has helped to get our topic off to a lovely start with so much background information.

The children have really enjoyed finding out about preparations for Shabbat and the prayers and special rituals. They have been able to recognise lots of links with their own faith experiences and as usual have asked some searching questions, which is always good. Very well done Y2. Excellent R.E. work.