Our Visit to Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

There was plenty to see, do and learn at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet last week. We found out all about Benjamin Huntsman and his important discoveries about steel. We tried out the jobs of the old steelworks. We saw how the rich and poor workers lived. We explored the Counting House where we could see how they would keep records of everything bought, made,sold and paid by the works. We did an activity where we explored the strength of different materials. As well as that we also enjoyed our walk down through Ecclesall Woods in the morning. It was a great way to start our new topic and Chris our guide really brought Benjamin Huntsman to life for us.

Update on Our Class Assembly

The children are tremendously enthusiastic about our class assembly which will be this Friday morning (17/6/16) at 9am. We went through it last Friday afternoon and everyone has a speaking part and ┬ásome a bit of acting too. We will polish it up in our afternoon lessons this week! The children all chose something that they can say they are good at during the assembly, and I have asked them to come dressed in something appropriate to show that. They should be able to tell you what they will need to bring on Friday, and perhaps they can try to write their own little note about it to bring home tomorrow. There are just 4 children who won’t need to bring anything from home as school will provide them with a costume.

We look forward to seeing you at our assembly.

Dress Code for our Trip 7 6 16

Dear Parents,

The children may wear their own (suitable) clothes for tomorrow’s trip to Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, but please can they also wear their school jumper or cardigan so that they are recognisable. There is no rain forecast for tomorrow so far but it is looking as if it will be cloudy and very warm. We are walking there through the woods in the morning so suitable shoes are very important. Thank – you.

Also if you would like to accompany us on the trip you are welcome. Please let Ms Devitt know.