Homework 22 4 16

The children will be bringing home an Arithmetic paper that they have done in class this week. Ms Devitt’s group have this today and MrsMarsh’s/Mrs Green’s group will bring it at the beginning of next week. Every child did their best and the teachers are very pleased with them for this.Please can parents have a look at the paper with their child and discuss their work? Thank – you. The children will be taking the ‘real’ SATS Arithmetic paper in 3 – 4 weeks and we will do some more learning about calculations in class before then and particularly we will look at how to work without counters or any apparatus, as none are allowed now with the new SATS Maths papers.

The children have their big yellow spelling books once again. Thank – you for your continued support with this homework. It is making a difference to the children’s spelling awareness in the classroom.

Homework Y2 WE 15 4 16

Welcome back to another term at St Wilfrid’s.

This week the children should have brought home their big yellow spelling books with words to learn.

In Maths we are looking at Measures. We have measured, estimated and compared length using cm. To practise measuring go to


Move the on – screen ruler to match zero to the end of the line and type in the length. Press return to see if you have measured correctly.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be looking at weight and capacity. The children can learn more about these measures by playing ‘Alien Cookbook:’


This gives them the valuable opportunity of repeated practice at reading scales in grammes and millilitres.