Our Class Assembly

Y2’s class assembly will be on Friday 17th June at 9am in the school hall. All parents are invited to come and watch. Ms Devitt hasn’t finally decided what it will be about yet….but this will all come together as a wonderful plan over half term and we will begin working on it as soon as we are back! : )

Next half Term’s Topic and Trip

Next half term our topic will be focused on local history and we will learn about some of the world famous events and discoveries that were made in the iron and steel industries in Sheffield long ago as well as how the Victorian people lived. We will learn about some of the notable people who shaped Sheffield’s world famous metal industries. To start this off, our trip to Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet will be on Tuesday 7th June. Please, any parents that would like to accompany us, do let school know.

Meanwhile – start finding out! Who was Benjamin Huntsman, and what was he famous for?resized_image2_49223ad8990c5f5ea4753fb1f2993829

Finding out about plants

Digital Camera

Our seeds have germinated!

Digital Camera

Good work comparing plants

Digital Camera

Which plant had no water?

Digital Camera

The fresh plants before the experiment.

Digital Camera

Which plant was kept in the dark?

Today in Science we compared a plant we kept without water and a plant we had watered and we have concluded that plants definitely need water to grow healthily!

They also need light because the plant we kept in the cupboard has pale small leaves and  no flowers.

We are very pleased that our bean seeds are germinating and we should all have a bean plant to bring home soon.

Great Science recording in books this afternoon from Y2.


Homework Y2 6 5 16

The children will bring home their yellow spelling books today with new spellings to be learnt.

In Maths we have been revising addition and subtraction and to allow the children to practice, please can they go to


and play the game there. There are different levels of challenge to access but they all make excellent mental maths  practice.

Another good game is Number Pyramid which goes on into 100’s 10’s and 1’s.


If the children have enjoyed and exhausted these possibilities they can look at the further list of + and – games at


which will give more variety.

Thank – you for your support.