Y2 Visit to Ecclesall Library

@ sheffield libraries Thanks to the Ecclesall Library staff for stories and a fun and relaxing browse around the bookshelves!

Black History Week in Y2

The week beginning 23 19 17 is St. Wilfrid’s Black History Week.

In Y2 we will look at the life and work of the first African American President of the United States of America Barak Obama, and also  Mary Seacole, the Jamaican nurse who helped soldiers during the Crimean war. If any of the children would like to bring in research about these famous people then that would be wonderful.



Great Fire of London Topic Homework


Topic Homework –

Our History topic will be running into next half term. The children have already done some excellent and enjoyable learning connected with the topic.

As a homework project:

The children can either make a model of a house built before the Great Fire of London, or they can make a portrait of Samuel Pepys and gather 5 facts about him and his time during the Great Fire of London.

This homework is due by Friday 17th November.