Here are the HCF winners for this week!

Well done to them all!


Have a great week of half term everyone and I will post the photos next week that you’ve sent in. If you have any to send please do so to the year2 email address. I have had some very amusing new verses to Please Mrs Butler and some fabulous artwork with household objects. Very impressed. 🙂

Look out for another story or poem next week.

Missing you all,

Take care

Ms Marsh

Wednesday update

Good morning all!

A few things to catch up with.

You should have had an email with two video links – enjoy the poem. It is one we loved performing together in class. See if you can write a new verse for Derek Drew and maybe for Mrs Butler.

It is also Mental Health Awareness week and the theme is Kindness. I thought we could carry this on during half term as well. Here are some links to some resources/ideas for your children and maybe yourselves.  Remember to be kind to yourself.

Random acts of kindness        acts of kindness

Below is a lit of some of the things we could probably all take one thing from at least. Not all appropriate for the children though……

Get involved with random acts of kindness

  • Call a friend that you haven’t spoken to for a while
  • Tell a family member how much you love and appreciate them
  • Make a cup of tea for someone you live with
  • Arrange to have a cup of tea and virtual catch up with someone you know
  • Help with a household chore at home
  • Arrange to watch a film at the same time as a friend and video call
  • Tell someone you know that you are proud of them
  • Tell someone you know why you are thankful for them
  • Send a motivational text to a friend who is struggling
  • Send someone you know a joke to cheer them up
  • Send someone you know a picture of a cute animal
  • Send an inspirational quote to a friend
  • Send an interesting article to a friend
  • Contact someone you haven’t seen in a while and arrange a phone catch up
  • Spend time playing with your pet
  • Reach out to call a friend, family member or neighbour who is experiencing loneliness or self-isolation
  • Donate to a charity
  • Lend your ear – call a colleague and ask how they’re finding the change in routine
  • Give praise to your colleague for something they’ve done well
  • Arrange to have a video lunch with a colleague
  • Send an inspirational story of kindness people around the world are doing for others to someone you know
  • Donate to foodbanks
  • Offer to skill share with a friend via video call – you could teach guitar, dance etc.
  • Offer support to vulnerable neighbours
  • Offer to send someone a takeaway or a meal

Send me any photos of your acts of kindness – the letters you are hopefully writing for the letter writing project; anything you do to help – I would love to hear about it and share them on the blog. Let’s spread as much extra kindness this week and next.


18th May 2020

Good morning all!

Here are the opportunities for learning for this week. As always it is for you to select from and work on what is best for your child and circumstances.

18th May weekly plan

Look out for the HCF emails and the blog posts with what you’ve been up to. Remember to send me any photos to the year2 email address and I can post it here on the blog. I am looking forward to seeing what you do for the weekly challenge!

Thank you for the Morse code messages – I enjoyed decoding them! And well done to those people who worked out that I didn’t like the look of mushrooms when I was a child but when I ate them – I loved them! Just like Green Eggs and Ham…….

Missing you lots 🙂

Ms Marsh

PS here are some examples of the weekly challenge to inspire you….. or to copy!


Dear children and parents,

I am a bit late logging in today as I was distracted by the BEST EMAIL I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!

I am crying happy tears and laughing at how much I have in common with 6/7 year olds……

It was amazing to see you all and I have watched it twice already.  I LOVED your stories and consequences is a great game to play to make up fun stories.

So to all of my wonderful Harry Potter, Marvel and Star Wars fans, football loving, cake baking, story reading, ice cream eating, lego building, dancing stars, tumbling gymnasts, horse riding, roller skating, animal loving (and roaring) class – I MISS YOU and the video was the best!

Thank you so much.

Ms Marsh 🙂 xx

Morse code message

See if you can work out what I am saying…….. Remember to use the key from the weekly plan.

The / separates each letter in a word.

The space is the space between each word.

                                  . is the dit (dot) and is the dah (or dash)


. . . . / . .       – . – – / . /. – / . – .      . . – – – 

– / . . . . / .      . . – . / – – – / – – – / – . .     . .       – . . / . . / – . .      – . / – – – / –       . – . . / . . / – . – / .

. . – / – . / – / . . / . – . .        . .       – / . – . / . . / . / – . .       . . / –      . . / . . .     

– – / . . – / . . . / . . . . / . – . / – – – / – – – / – –   

A quick story time….

Just in case you missed the email…. I have recorded reading Green Eggs and Ham and the link has been emailed.

If you have the book yourselves, see if you can read along too once you’ve watched it once.

Remember to let me know what food you didn’t think you liked until you tried it. Look out for my Morse code message to reveal mine!

Ms Marsh 🙂