Healthy Eating Learning

This afternoon we have been learning about what constitutes “Healthy Eating”.

Full marks to Eliza who knew that broccoli contains calcium!

Here is Leo’s food pyramid and Toby’s writing to give a flavour of what we have been learning about.

tobys writing

leos food pyramid picture

Y6 storytellers

We had the pleasure of going up to the Y6 classroom and hearing their mythical stories this afternoon.

We really enjoyed hearing and discussing the different stories with the Y6 children (thanks for inviting us)

Henry said “It was really fun.”

Jack commented on the “beautiful handwriting and good ending in Maggie’s story.”

and Franklyn said “Sam is my new best friend!”

20150123_133643 20150123_13365620150123_133350



DT/Creative work on vehicles

This half term in our DT lessons we have been designing and making different vehicles.

We started off by designing our fantasy vehicle and came up with some pretty cool and wacky ideas (like a “chicken car made from bacon-” George T! or a “balloon powered marshmallow spaceship”- James)

We then experimented with different materials to try and make any vehicle, we were really proud of our teamwork with this task.

Luckily George S had a revelation that in order for our vehicles to move, either the axles, wheels or propellors need to move!

We are looking forward to “refining our techniques” next session.



20150121_135429 20150122_105451

20150121_135605 20150112_140339 20150121_140323 20150122_105533 20150121_135839 20150112_140825

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone. Apologies that the blog has been dormant for a bit. We will try to keep it a bit more current as we go on through the exciting year ahead.

Homework. In the absence of formal homework, can we ask that you guys keep practicing your times tables and enjoying some daily reading time.

We hope the subsequent posts give you a flavour of what has been happening in class since the new year.