National Poetry Day

Y2 enjoyed the time they spent with our visiting poet yesterday.  In class we have made funny rhyming poems, thoughtful poems about building a den and spending time in it and also wildly imaginative and creative poems about what we might find outside an imaginary door of our choosing! The children enjoyed a very full day of fun with spoken and written words, and everyone in the class contributed.


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Diversity Week in Y2

This week we have enjoyed learning about each others’ homes and comparing them to homes in other parts of the world e.g. Somalia and Zimbabwe. We have written ‘senses’ poems to describe what someone would see, hear, touch, taste and smell at our house.  We have also thought about what it might be like to learn another language, or to learn in another language as we set each other some number bonds to 20 using Chinese and Gujurati numbers. The children found this very engaging! Their work was excellent. 20151008_134944 20151008_134939 20151008_134903 20151008_114017 20151008_114010 20151008_114003 20151008_113956 20151008_113939 20151008_113931 20151008_113922

Comparing Microhabitats and finding out where woodlice like to live -and why!

This week we have enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine during Science lessons twice! We have been out to look firstly under logs, stones and bundles of straw and then under dry leaves by the field to see which microhabitat woodlice seem to prefer. We concluded that the ideal woodlouse hotel would be damp, sheltered and dirty, and not too warm! Among the dry leaves we found hardly any woodlice but we did find ladybirds and spiders.

Our big question now is – what do the creatures find that they depend on in these habitats? This will lead us into our work on food chains very soon. 20150930_150520 20150930_150135 20150930_150130 20150930_145846 20150930_15015020150930_145825
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Diversity Week

Next week (WB 5 10 15 )in school we are celebrating diversity in Sheffield.As part of this topic we will be learning about ‘Homes Around the World’ and we would be grateful if children could bring in a photo of their home. Many thanks.