Homework update

Dear parents,

Many apologies for the issues with the blog. It is being looked in to.

It has been brought to my attention that some people are unaware of the homework tab. There is a label to the right of this post that says homework. This is an active tab and if you click on this it will take you to the homework page and this is where I post the homework information.

Here is this weeks information. Please let me know if you have any issues with the blog.

Homework Wednesday 20th November

There is an error on the sheet and wren is written twice. One of these should be wreck. Spellings are ‘wr’ spelling (grapheme) for ‘r’ sound (phoneme). We refer to ‘wr’ as special friends that make the sound. Words – wrap, wreck, wreath, wrong, wriggle, wrist, wrote, write, wring, wren

Reading is as per usual. In order for children to develop fluency it is important for them to read the same text over and over so they become familiar with it and can then read fluently. If your child is working on developing fluency then reading daily, even in short bursts, will have an impact on their reading and comprehension as well as confidence.

Maths – Maths with Parents and Hit the button. Times tables rockstars log ins will be given soon and I will give further information regards that in due course.

CGP Grammar book is page 3 noun phrases

Remembrance class worship

On Monday we remembered those who have fought in war and those who have fallen. We had lots to discuss from the children’s own experiences and what they had seen on Remembrance Sunday. We learned some new words like wreath and cenotaph as well as making our own poppy and then sharing these in a moving class worship.

Mastery English

We have started our new text this week – Dear Greenpeace. Before we could really begin we had to understand more about who Greenpeace are and what they do.

Some wonderful ideas following that about what more we can do to save the planet and protect the environment as well as identifying verbs and nouns.

And back to this half term….. Guy Fawkes

Well what an interesting week so far! It has been lovely to see the children after their first week off since September. We are getting back in to the swing of Year 2 again.

We found out some of the facts behind Bonfire Night as well as how historians have been able to decide what was true by considering sources of evidence. More conversations about right and wrong and questions about gory deaths…… which I subtly avoided.

Habitats and micro habitats

In science we are exploring the habitats in our school and then micro habitats withing them. We were bug hunting before half term and found a few massive spiders! Lots of great discussion about why certain insects would choose certain places to live.

You’ll have to look really closely to see them….. but they are definitely there!

Letter writing

We decided to write to the zoo, to send us a pet…. but before we did that we had to decide what we would like and maybe not like so much. After performing some drama and pretending to be some of the animals in the zoo, we felt a little more in the know.


So on to that letter. Some fabulous work as always and beautiful illustrations.