Thank – you!

Thank you for all your kind support with the Nativity play. We can all agree that the performances went very, very well. The children really engaged with it and  made it an enjoyable occasion for their audience.

Thank you for the food for our Christmas parties! We have biscuits and buns left over which will be shared out tomorrow morning at break time.

Also, thank you for the gifts and cards sent in for teachers and helpers. They are all much appreciated.

Ms Devitt and Mrs Heaton would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas!



Maths Homework WB 7 12 15

The link below will take you to an activity for exploring number bonds to 10. The children need to say and work out all of the number bonds for each number before trying it out and checking with the teddy bears. Try a systematic way of working. Also can the children see a pattern in how many ways there are for each number? We are working towards the children knowing all of these ways to make the smaller numbers off by heart!

On the same website,, try this activity (below) which gives word problems using ‘teens numbers and units. The activity is under the heading/address CountingOnInOnes, but if you select the red postbox labelled ‘teens + units’ in the ‘calculate answer’ section, you will find these useful questions which are good for getting used to the language of Maths in an everyday context. We will be doing word problems in class this week.

There are lots of activities on the website, so if you get really good at both of these activities, browse around it and find something else to tackle.

Light Sources and Reflective Things

This afternoon in Science we used torches to see which objects are reflective and we thought about why we can not say they are sources of light. We looked around the classroom for light sources too. What did we find? Which are light sources and which are reflectors?