Writing our story ending

Plans complete and on to the big write!

Our first one in year two.

I have to say – I am very impressed with the quality of the work and the effort from the class.

Well done all!

The children loved having their own paints to illustrate their writing and the relaxing waterfall music playing in the background set the scene very well.

Planning a story ending

In our literacy work we have read the story of Chicken Licken and put a lot of thought in to whether we could always believe what people told us. We have used this story as a comprehension text and answered a variety of questions.  In grammar we looked at synonyms and some suffixes.

We then read the beginning of a story based on Chicken Licken, about a hippo called Henry. We were a little disappointed that this version had no ending so we took matters in to our own hands and planned and wrote our own.

Here we are working hard on our story plans……

Maths place value

Our focus in maths has been securing our knowledge of place value and looking at the value of numbers and comparing them. We were exploring how we could represent the tens and ones in different numbers and where the digits were recorded. We also had to count groups of tens and separate ones, then record the number.

First week

Dear Parents,

After some delays in getting the blog to work here are some of the posts from the last 4 weeks!

Some photos from some of the maths lessons in week 1 and our creative building.

Welcome to Year 2!

Hello all and welcome to year 2.

We had a lovely start to year 2 today and I hope the children shared this feeling.

Over the next few weeks you will find out more about the routines and what we are up to this term.

Looking forward to meeting you all over the next few weeks.

Ms Marsh