Using the points of the compass to write and give directions

This afternoon Y2 really enjoyed their Geography and Maths activity. They had to write down the grid references for different places to be found in the woodland world of Spiky and Prickles, two spirited (and cheeky) hedgehogs who just happen to like geocaching as a hobby! Y2 wrote down all the journeys for Spiky and Prickles, to the North, South, East and West of the woodland. Maybe Y2 will be able to go out and find their way around the school outdoor environment using compass directions after this? Spiky and Prickles will definitely come back to join in with that!

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Welcome to Y2!

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Hello to all and welcome back to another great year in school. Year 2 are settling in and working hard. They are learning new routines and ways of working, they find lots to like in their new classroom and they are making new friends. Thank you to mums and dads for your support with reading at home so far. It’s such an important aspect and skill at this stage. Homework will start to come home on Fridays from now on. Please ask if there is anything you are not sure about.

Our new topic is ‘Habitats’. We are lucky enough to be able to explore rich habitats around school and find so many living things there! Today the children were very interested to see the blackberries, apples and pears growing at the side of the field and immediately suggested that we should start cooking! How wonderful to feel inspired by our school environment.

Here are some photos of our P.E. activity yesterday when we played a game called Popping Pirates. The pirate has to balance while as much equipment as possible is balanced on them. The challenge is to then do it on one leg and with eyes shut!! Using the wall for support, some pirates managed to balance a great number of beanbags etc. on themselves before wobbling.