Should Art Make Us Happy?

Our topic this term has the Big Question, ‘Should Art Make Us Happy?’ We have made an excellent start already by looking at works by various artists and deciding on the emotions the art makes us feel. We have sketched outdoors and we have mixed colours to paint in the style of Kandinsky’s ‘Concentric Circles.’ Here is our topic homework task which we hope you will find it fun and interesting to engage with. Thank – you for all your wonderful support with topic work this year.

This term Year 2 are learning about how art can be used to represent different emotions, cultures and identities. For this topic of work we are setting a creative homework task for the children. As such, with the help of parents and guardians, we would like each child in Year 2 to take a photograph of one thing that makes them feel at home. This could be a photograph of them sitting in their favourite part of their home, a picture of a person, an object or even a pet! We encourage children to be as creative as possible in taking a photograph that really captures why their home is important to them. We would like the photographs to be handed in by Friday 8th June.

There will also be a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Wednesday 6th June (after half term) so if any parents would like to come along and help, there are a few places. Please let Ms. Devitt or Mr. MacInnes know.